Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Last night I was in music video heaven. Finally, I've seen the movie Once. After that, however, I couldn't sleep until about 3AM. The title is about how we always wait for the perfect moment before doing something we want, how we wait for the right time. "Once" we have this, "once" we get that. But when is the right time? So last night, while waiting for sleep to take over, I wrote some unfinished poems and melodies --- about Tom the retarded moon man (The Stand), and straight lines (sounds ridiculous ^^) --- which I still hope to complete.

I've read another trivia about originally casting Cillian Murphy to play the Guy. That must mean he can sing, right? And he can! I wonder what he would have done for the character. But from what I've seen, the movie made you focus on the characters, their story, and the music. Cillian Murphy might have partly added a distraction. My father said it would be hard to make him look rugged and disheveled.

One more thing. Look what I found:

Sitting Bull in movie Once

That's Sitting Bull in Oirland!


  1. I also like ONCE... :-) ganahan kaayo ko sa ilang OST nga Falling Slowly. hehe

    1. hola Lor! ayos jud bitaw ilang mga kanta :)