Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Screenings

June had been a great month for viewing movies and mini series. That's thanks to both HBO and Star Movies Asia! It was fun having to anticipate costume dramas, historical fiction, and book adaptations. I would love more of these kind: Game of Thrones Season Two, The Pillars of the Earth, Black Death, and Treasure Island (2012).

The highlight was The Pillars of the Earth, which I finished last night. Game of Thrones was badass, at least Jaqen H'ghar was! But it's not finished so, back to Pillars...

THE CAST: Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell!, Matthew McFadyen!,
Eddie Redmayne, Hayley Atwell, Donald Sutherland

The Pillars of the Earth was adapted from a historical novel by Ken Follett. It's set in the middle of the 12th century, primarily during the Anarchy, when a succession crisis led to a civil war in England. The novel focuses on the building of a cathedral during this time of turmoil. The story was remarkably good as was the set. But undoubtedly the best part of that series was the cast and their respective characters. I couldn't take my eyes off them. A lot are familiar, regulars in the genre, while some are up-and-coming. What this really means is that, I have new favorites. ;)

From those four films I've mentioned, I can name several actors who appear in two:

1) Sean Bean. They say Sean Bean is a spoiler. He's in GoT and Black Death. Dies in both, among others.

2) Carice van Houten. She plays Melisandre, a priestess, in GoT. And like Sean Bean, she also appears in Black Death as Langiva the necromancer/witch, though I don't really know for sure. Typecasting?

3) Eddie Redmayne has one of the most interesting faces, and striking as a redhead. He's lead in both Pillars and Black Death. This June also saw the release of Les Miserables' first trailer where he plays Marius.

4) The great Donald Sutherland was in both Pillars and Treasure Island.

Alison Pill as Princess Maud
Other actors who are making names are:

Hayley Atwell (love interest of Capt. America, long lost sister of Julia Ormond) who played Aliana in Pillars;

Sam Claflin (Aliana's brother in Pillars) who I recently saw in United (2011) as Duncan Edwards, one of Manchester United's Busby Babes who died in a plane crash. How was he as Snow White's prince in Snow White & the Huntsman?

I've always loved Alison Pill. I think of her as a no-nonsense actress. She played an impressively strong Princess Maud in Pillars.

Douglas Booth, as 15-year old Eustace in Pillars, appearing briefly. Now this one I don't know anything about aside from the fact that he'll be the new Romeo of Hailee Steinfeld's Juliet, and Noah's son Shem.

P.S. Elijah Wood was so bad as Ben Gunn in Treasure Island I felt awkward every time he came on screen. :(

P.P.S. William Hamleigh of Pillars

Don't be fooled. David Oakes plays dark characters. source

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