Monday, July 2, 2012

Zabadani Cafe at The Peak, Gaisano Mall

Experience HALALicious foods at Zabadani Cafe, a Middle Eastern restaurant located at Ponciano St. and at the newly opened The Peak in Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Zabadani Cafe Davao

Zabadani Cafe Davao

Zabadani Cafe Davao beef kebab
Beef Kebab
Zabadani Turnover
Zabadani Turnover
Zabadani Cafe Davao Beef Kabsa
Beef Kabsa
Pita Shateerah
Pita Shateerah
Zabadani Cafe Davao Choco Frullato
Choco Frullato
Zabadani Cafe Davao Qatayef
Zabadani Cafe Davao Layered Soda
Layered Soda
The Peak Gaisano Mall Davao
The Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao

To view their menu and other info, visit their website: Zabadani Cafe.

Photo credit: Ailen Polan (photos 1-7)


  1. mmm yum looks sooo goood!!!

  2. everything looks delicious. i'm sure it was!

  3. Salamalaicam salam , I can't wait to visit your restaurant . If ever i will have my vacation there , i will put your restaurant name in my mind ....Alahhafes ..

  4. Shukran Ienne!

    Wa aleikum salaam, naam inshaAllah, drop by the cafe :)