Crochet: Treble Cross Slouch Beret

Treble Cross Slouch Beret

Treble Cross Slouch Beret
design by Jennifer L. Appleby

Because this hat is worked from brim to crown, if using acrylic yarn, it wouldn't stretch. So you'd have to make sure the first chain loosely fits your head. I made this a little too tight, but then it fits my sister. :)

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  1. you made this one? wow, I envy your crochet skills!

  2. Wa na! Hurot na akong bilib nimo!

    So cool.

    1. waaaa nagfollow lang man ko ug free pattern. pero thank you pod! hehehe

  3. Hala pabuhat ko ani sunod unya pwede pakapin ang bear? ka cute! gi blog diay nako Julz tong scarf. Thanks again! :)

  4. Ah its so cute, that's awesome! I need to get into crocheting!


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