Monday, March 25, 2013

Moving to Bloglovin'

So you've probably heard about Google Reader's decision to shut down the service this coming July. And in my search for an alternative, I've come across Bloglovin' again. What made me finally decide to use this bloggers' favorite is its ability to import your Google Reader data. I haven't tried other readers, but if you're still looking for one, why not join me? Go here to import your reader to Bloglovin'. You can also follow my blog here.

In other news, I'm joining Aileen Kim of House of Isla Blog in her drawing challenge. This is her list:
  1. Yourself
  2. An animal
  3. An object in the room
  4. Favorite piece of clothing
  5. Fashion Illustration
  6. Something Involving water
  7. Inanimate Object come to life
  8. Nature-inspired
  9. Something Vintage
  10. Design a book cover
  11. Your favorite person
  12. Someone or something from mythology
  13. Someone or something from fairytale
  14. Imaginary Garden
  15. A structure or a building
  16. A typographic quote
  17. Inspirational poster
  18. A pattern
  19. Travel Poster
  20. Things in the kitchen
  21. Botanical
  22. Favorite Craft tools
  23. A Collage
  24. Something Whimsical
  25. Weather
  26. A quick gesture drawing
  27. In the style of another artist
  28. Blog header or logo
  29. A notebook design cover
  30. Draw Yourself drawing

UPDATE: 4/4/13 Feedly is a much better reader. Import GR, more options, can read full articles just like THE Reader.

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  1. can't wait to see your work! Thanks for joining in the fun..