Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crochet Beanies for Babies

crochet baby beanies

Two beanies for two separate baptisms. Before starting, I knew tight-fitting beanies would be harder than slouchie hats, so I went ahead and searched for all kinds charts and measurements. The most helpful charts by age are based on the final hat/head circumference and the diameter of the circle (right before we stop increasing stitches). I tried to follow but still ended up using trial and error, keeping my fingers crossed that they would fit the babies.

Below are gifts for my cousin who just turned 18! :)

crochet ribbed beret hat

crochet wide headband

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  1. Very cute beanies! I've been thinking of making a DIY thing for newborn baby and a beanie seems nice. If only I know how to crochet.. haha xD