Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet the newest members of the family

Our cat was unsuccessful with her first two litters. All died just a day after giving birth. This time though, she gave birth someplace else and brought home her kittens just last month. We think it's because they're old enough to eat solid food.

I'm proud to say that she's taking great care of them, not letting them out of her sight. The kittens used to only stay at the back of the house. But now that they're more active, they've expanded their playground and reached the front of the house and out in the street. This makes the mother a little apprehensive that she follows and carries them back inside.

She also developed a mother's courage when before most cats in the neighborhood frightened her. She even fights off this little neighbor's dog that keeps going inside our yard. :)


  1. Congratulations! Welcoming furry family members is always ♥... :)

  2. awww. so cute!

    masuya gyud akong children ani but three in the house are allergic. ako ra ang dili. :(

    1. :( lisod jud nang naay allergic o asthmahon nga kauban

  3. adorable kittens, nice video and perfect music or soundtrack. perfect!