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Technically, my "technical" work only involved live tweeting. Other times, I was a runner. This was volunteer work which I apparently signed up for after I joined the Davao Catholic Herald family.

Because I was checking live tweets all throughout the event, half the time I could not listen to the speakers. I was even unaware that the woman asking me from behind was already Maria Ressa, Rappler CEO. When she had her face next to mine looking at the computer screens in front of me, that's the only time I knew.

But from what information I gathered, these are the ones that stood out:

Maria Ressa:
A leader must
  1. Set direction
  2. Identify values
  3. Set the bar for ethics
80% of how we make decisions is based on how we feel.

Sec. Lucille Sering:
The Philippine mean temperature for the past 60 years increased by 0.64 degrees Celsius. An increase of 1 degree is critical. An increase of 2 degrees is irreversible.

Atty. Yves Gonzales:
Do good things and people will follow you in every sense of the word.

Eleanor Roosevelt:
Do one thing a day that scares you.

And Bianca's 10 Tips to make your voice heard on social media

Bianca Gonzales - 10 tips to make your voice heard on social media
photo by @yhen_cinderella
  1. Pick a fitting username and photo
  2. Start strong
  3. Engage in conversation
  4. Content is KING
  5. Write your idols
  6. Use relatable #hashtags
  7. Use catchy images
  8. Go multi-platform
  9. Grow your network
  10. Follow with ACTION
P.S. It's worth noting that this event was conceptualized just last May, with only two months of preparation. The participation of volunteers and sponsors made this a success.

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