Saturday, January 25, 2014

Belated Crochet Hats

The illness made me put off making these gifts until the new year. Then they had to be finished before serious work started again. I often wished I had more than two hands because I'm a slow stitcher.

nephithyrion crochet hats

crown-stitched crochet slouch hat

Filet type crochet beret hat Filet type crochet beret hat
This is a revised and an all-crochet version of the pattern here

Treble cross stitch crochet slouch beret
Another revised pattern. Original here
I worked from crown to brim instead of the other way around.

black Diamond ridges crochet beanie
Diamond Ridges pattern
This is for a special friend. She wanted something black so I looked for a good texture.

black Diamond ridges crochet beanie


  1. Beautiful!

    I saw a unique, cool knitting project on Pinterest and it reminded me of you. I will look for it again and send it to you. You might like it as an inspiration. :)

  2. I'd like that! I-tag na lang ko sa pinterest :)