Friday, June 27, 2014

New Team for World Cup 2014

I stayed up last night to watch what I knew was the final game for Portugal in this 2014 World Cup (I didn't get to see that unfortunate match against Germany). Although the chances of going through to the knockout stage was very slim, I still had hope that maybe they could score a miraculous 5. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. You could tell though that everyone was fighting for it, including and especially Ghana because they had better chances of overtaking the USA for the top two.

You may wonder why I support Portugal. It's not because of C. Ronaldo. I just happened to like Nuno Gomes back in the early 2000s, and that was the time of their golden generation. There were a lot of great Portuguese players in the team when Ronaldo was still a rookie. Through the years, they may have lost some of their spark, but they still give very entertaining performances. For├ža Portugal! See you in two years!

Portugal's Goalkeeper Beto crying on his way out of the field
Portugal's Goalkeeper Beto crying on his way out of the field
after a decision to replace him due to an injury.
Seeing players cry is always heartbreaking. My heart went out to Ghana's Boye when he scored a goal for Portugal.

Since Portugal and Spain are both out of the game, I want to support another team. There are three teams in my mind. First is Argentina, just because of Messi. Then, there's the Netherlands and underdogs Costa Rica. But I will have to watch them play first.

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