Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New year, new home

Orchard Lane Homes

I've never been truly independent. By that I mean having the chance to decide and provide for oneself without need for or the influence of someone else. I guess that stems from how I and my siblings were brought up.

I was always envious of independent kids. From what I've seen, they were the ones who did their work while their parents looked from afar, just guiding them when some things go wrong. With my family, there's a lot of spoon-feeding, even when you don't want it. And though it masks itself as 'being supportive,' it creates a culture of dependence. It's very limiting and unhealthy, depriving us of growth.


Because I lived with my parents, the only solution I could think of was to move away. So I did. But what's ironic is that my mother's accompanying me still. Part of the reason is because my grandmother said so. Hay family! They are both endearing and annoying.

In other news, I've started using the envelope system for budgeting. Hopefully it works out because I have a mortgage to pay now. As for work, I'm currently juggling several web projects because, you know, the bills!

That's it I guess. It's still early in the new year so best wishes and may the Lord bless and keep you this 2015!


  1. This is so true with my mom as well LOL Let's just consider ourselves lucky to have someone butt in with our businesses from time to time :D
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  2. Good luck !!!! :) If you need any help at all! I'm always here

  3. Replies
    1. I'm getting by...lisooood waaah! hehehe
      Thanks for dropping by mam Lili :)

  4. I never really got to congratulate you sooner. Yey to you! Housewarming? :)

    - Cham

    1. Salamat Cham! hehehe wala pay housewarming :)