Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, another year is ending. And everyone's up making their new year's resolutions already... or are they? Well, like I said in my previous post about resolutions, we can make them any day of the year. And I'd like to call it reassessment, since most of us make the same resolutions every year (right?). My only wish is that I get closer to my goals every time... and 2007 for me was a good start. I'll just have to continue these resolutions for the next year:
  • eat less junk food (gotta!)

  • exercise at least twice a week (I'm getting there)

  • learn or relearn the following: guitar, Photoshop, photography, video editing, Spanish (just wishful thinking), Math, tennis (please! anyone?) and

  • (this is the hardest) think before you speak (in other words, zip! I used to be good on this one when I was a kid. Why not now?)


  1. exercise is always a problem.. ;)

  2. Wow. How’s it going with the resolution? give us an update. You must have a lot of free time?! On the other hand, it’s always good to shoot high and find your limitations, than to shoot to low and succeed.

  3. good start..btw,referring to ur seeing double post,i think u might win if u joined the contest..u know what i mean..