Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crochet Toy Car (Free Pattern)

crochet toy car

I started to make this last January. It took long to finish because, well, I've never made something like this before. This was supposed to have a "Just married" text at the back, but I decided not to include that in case my friend who ordered this doesn't want it now. It's my fault anyway for not completing this early. :(

But anyway, I like the way it looks. My younger sister (who's too old to play with stuffed toys) even played with it and her teddy. There are parts that obviously need improvement. I just hope I'd make better ones next time.

Update: My friend's getting it for his son :) I'll just have to add an embroidered name.

crochet toy car

UPDATE 03/23/2012: As requested by Athens, I have transcribed the pattern for this toy car. This is my first time to make a written pattern so I really do hope the directions are understandable, and that the results turn out fine.

Dutch Translation at Een Mooi Gebaar

Crochet Toy Car Pattern

CAR SIDES (Blue. Make 2)

Chain 28
Row 1: sc on every chain, ch 1, turn (28 stitches)
Row 2: 2 sc on first st, sc on next 26 sts, 2 sc on last st, ch 1, turn (30 sts)
Row 3-8: sc on every st, ch 1, turn (30 sts)
Row 9: sc on the first 28 sts, sc2tog, turn (29 sts)
Row 10: sl st on first stitch, sc on the rest, ch 1, turn (28 sts)
Row 11: sc on the first 26 sts, sc2tog, turn (27 sts)
Row 12: sl st on first 2 stitches, sc on the rest, ch 1, turn (25 sts)
Row 13: sc on the first 22 sts, sc2tog, turn (23 sts)
Row 14: sl st on first st, sc on the rest, ch 1, turn (22 sts)
Row 15-16: sc on every st, ch 1, turn (22 sts)
Row 17: sc on every st, turn (22 sts)
Row 18: sl st on first st, sc on the rest, turn (21 sts)
Row 19: sl st on first st, sc on the next 18 stitches, sc2tog, turn (19 sts)
Row 20: sl st on first st, sc on the next 16 stitches, sc2tog, turn (17 sts)
Row 21: st st on first st, sc on the next 14 stitches, sc2tog (15 sts)

CAR TOP (Blue)

Chain 18. Then 60 rows of sc.


Chain 18. Then 33 rows of sc.


Chain 16. Then 7 rows of sc.


Chain 8. Then 6 rows of sc. Or it's up to you.

WHEELS (Orange and Brown. Make 4)

Start with orange.
Magic ring.
Row 1: ch 1, 7 sc, sl st with first sc (7 stitches)
Row 2: ch 1, 2 sc in every st, sl st with first st (14 sts)
Change to brown.
Row 3: ch 1, 1 sc, 2 sc in next st, repeat until last st, sl st with first st (21 sts)
Row 4: ch 1, 1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc in next, repeat until last st, sl st with first st (28 sts)
Row 5-7: ch 1, sc in each st, sl st with first st (28 sts)
Row 8: ch 1, 1 sc, 1 sc, sc2tog, repeat until last st, sl st with first st (21 sts)
Row 9: ch 1, 1 sc, sc2tog, repeat until last st, sl st with first st (14 sts)
Fill wheel with fiber.
Repeat Row 1-2 using brown color. I sewed this into wheel to cover the hole.


Sew car top to the car sides. I used single crochet.
Attach/Sew windshield, windows, then wheels.
Sew car base. Fill car body with fiber before completely closing the base.

NOTE: This free pattern is for personal use only. Please don't sell or post this pattern as your own, unless you are making a translation to another language, but with a link to this post. Thank you!

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  1. cute! it looks like a Volkswagen beetle. =)

  2. Hi
    Could please write a pattern for me for this super cute car????????

    1. Hi! I'll try writing it down for you. I've never written a pattern before :)

  3. aww this is soooo cute! i wish i had the tenacity for needlework also!


  4. You should sell your original patterns. Tag-singko dolyares baya pod na sa etsy depende sa design.

    1. Yes te, ginahuna-huna ko na pod na. Kelangan pa nako magbuhat ug originals. Thanks sa advice :)

  5. Thanks for the pattern. I´m sure, i make it for my baby boy to christmas and he would love it. :)

    Wish you a merry christmas time.

    Lovely greets from Germany,

    1. my pleasure. Please let me know if something's off in the pattern. Merry Christmas to you too!

  6. This is super cute! Hope you won't mind me linking up at Tangled Happy tomorrow. I know a few little guys who would love have one of these. :)

  7. I just found your pattern through Pinterest and am really excited to try this as my first foray into Amigurami!! I'm still pretty new to crocheting so does it matter what yarn I use? I have a lot of left over "worsted" from a simple afghan. Also, what hook size did you use? Or does it not matter as long as you make tight stitches?

    1. hello. I used 3-ply acrylic yarn for this, 2mm hook. I don't really know how other types of yarns turn out, but just make tight stitches.

  8. Hi, I really love your work, how can I download this pattern? I have problems with finding this pdf...

  9. how do i locate the pattern ?

  10. That car is so cute! You could sell those. Would be perfect for a baby to play with. What talent you have!

  11. I have moved the pattern from Google drive to Dropbox. I hope this solves the problem for those who can't download it. :)

  12. How is the size of the finished toy?? with a 2mm hook


  13. Sorry, And how much yarn I need, more or less?

    1. hello. I didn't take note of the gauge because it can be any size. As for the yarn, in my case, i think at least 3 rolls.

  14. Thank you!

    and boaut the size, I just wanted to know the size of the car in the pic, then I can to know if it's big or small.. thank you away!

  15. Hi! May I know where I can find the pattern for this? Thanks!

  16. Merci beaucoup à vous de partager avec nous cette sympathique voiture. Thanks you to share out with us this cute car

  17. Goedemorgen, zou ik het patroon mogen ontvangen voor mijn kleinzoon. Wil het maken als geboorte cadeautje.
    Alvast veel dank en een fijne zondag,

  18. Thinking of making this for my lil boy... Thanks for the free pattern!! :)

  19. Hi, and thanks for the cute pattern. I recommended it to someone in our crochet group but unfortunately she can only read German patterns. May I translate it for her?
    One day soon I will try it myself ...
    Greetings from Germany

  20. Hi, thank you for charing the pattern
    Find it very cute for 1year boy
    Regards from Portugal Isabel