Friday, May 9, 2008

RPN is back

I'm so glad RPN 9 is back. I know it was never gone, but it sure was on hiatus for almost a year (I think) here in Davao. I thought it would never come back on air and how I missed their shows. Without that channel, our television was stuck to ABS-CBN. Though we're lucky to have free CNN and Disney channel (I don't know why it's still there), it's never the same without RPN.

Yesterday, the first RPN show I watched after several months of being gone was the X-Files, from an episode way, way back. David Duchovny looked so young! Also, I noticed this other logo at the top of the screen. I'm sure there are a lot of changes in the line-up and shows among other things and I still have to explore them. Nevertheless, I'm all so excited.

I remember the first time channel 9 had its broadcast. I was very young then. It was one afternoon and we only had black and white tv. I flipped through the channels and there it was, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Movie. I don't know what TNMT movie it was because I didn't get to start it. Anyway, I got so excited that I ran to my uncle's house, which is just at the back. Then I shouted outside his room's window, "Kol, naa nay channel nine!" I don't know why I informed my uncle first. But that's how it went. My uncle's very fond of films just like me.



  1. was mari mar shown in rpn ba? hehe... i think it was rpn, but i'm really not sure.

    i'm happy your rpn's back. =D

    and happy mom's day to your mom!!!

  2. thanks acey!

    yep marimar was shown in rpn.. i even watched it twice everyday, with my brother, hehehe kasi dalawa sked nila nun for marimar. 1 pm and another one in the evening =)

  3. tsktsk!!!

    alam mo bang pinalitan na ng la femme nikita ang Xfiles both in the 6pm and 1am slot...nalungkot talaga ako...


  4. ay may 1 am pa diyan? naku dito hanggang 11 pm lang yata sign off na.

    di ko pa rin magets ang sked nila hanggang ngayon.

  5. wow. balik na ang rpn. havent watched tv lately..
    i used to watch roswell, mari mar.. luz clarita over at rpn. oh and rescue 911 and how did they do that? and just kidding..